BRRRRR!: #slice2012

This winter has been incredibly mild. We had enough snow right around Halloween for the guys to make a couple of snowmen that were perfectly suited up as superheroes in B’s costumes and masks. Then there wasn’t more than a dusting of snow for ages after that. In fact, I think we only had enough to go sledding once.

Honestly, I haven’t really minded it.

I really didn’t mind that we had a couple of days that were in the upper 70s and 80s in March. This is definitely not the norm for Pennsylvania.

What I mind is that it all of a sudden decided to pretend to be winter again today.


I will be hoping that the warm weather return soon!


5 thoughts on “BRRRRR!: #slice2012

  1. I want the warm weather back too! Although I will admit I missed the snow this year. I always like one big snowstorm to shut everything down and cause me to slow my pace for a day or two.

  2. The cold is so much harder after we’ve had a taste of the warm air. In Ohio, our spring has been very early. I noticed this morning my tulips were already out. I hope they survive the cold snap.

  3. We had the abrupt shift this week from last week’s Spring temps to a bit chilly, indeed. But it is March, after all. I just wonder how the flowers are faring — those early birds who popped their colorful heads up last week and decided it was time to emerge.

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