Dancing With The Stars: #slice2012

My husband will learn not to take a road trip while Dancing with the Stars is on.

Bryson and I are both sick and decided to curl up in front of the TV in the bedroom to watch some dancing.

He is saying how cool it looks and wondering if he could do that.

I am remembering taking dance lessons with Jason in the fall. We took a few weeks worth of lessons and only really managed to get the basics of two dances. We laughed and enjoyed the opportunity to learn something new together, even if we were never going to win any competitions.

The closest we have gotten to dancing since those lessons has been a few Zumba classes when we’re not hyper-scheduled. Or Just Dance on the Wii.

I am watching them dancing on that ballroom floor, looking more graceful than I would be, but like they are having every bit as much fun as I did when I was learning to dance with Jason.

So now I’m working on coming up with all the arguments I can to convince Jas to go do more dancing with me when he gets home.


8 thoughts on “Dancing With The Stars: #slice2012

  1. My husband and I take weekly dance lessons. It has been so much fun. We have laughed so hard on the studio dance floor. It sure is a lot harder than it looks on tv, and is a great time for us to be together. Much better than sitting down somewhere in a movie theater eating a lot of calories. What dances have you learned? We have done the two step, waltz, and just finished the cha cha. Not sure how much I will remember though. :)

    • It is DEFINITELY not easy. We did a lot of giggling, but we had so much fun! I think we did the waltz and the rumba. We went to a wedding last spring and decided that we were the ONLY people there who did not know how to dance. I still don’t know that we’d be in any better shape if we went somewhere to dance now.

  2. If you come up with some great arguments, let me know. I have always wanted to take dancing lessons with my husband but it’s been a hard sell. Hope you can make it happen at your house. I figure if Kristie Alley and Cloris Leachman can do it, certainly I can. :)

    • I figure I did it once… ;)
      Actually, the lessons were a gift from him. Worth every penny to have that opportunity to spend time learning something new with him. After being together so long (14 years of marriage this summer and we have known each other longer than we haven’t now), it’s good to see another side of each other.
      Maybe that’s a good argument? :)

    • The junior member of the household seems to think it looks like fun. Too bad he’s not tall enough to do dance lessons with me.
      Of course, he’s a little more coordinated than I am…

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