Not How I Thought Today Would Go: #slice2012

Did you ever have one of those days that totally did not go the way you’d expected?

This is one of those days.

I woke up early and turned off my alarms, but, by some miracle, fell asleep again only to wake again at about 8:15. Church is 7 minutes away and begins at 9. We made it there about ten minutes late.

I hate running late. It happens, but I hate it. It throws the rest of day off at the very beginning.

I figured I would spend my day making up for it by getting my grading done and working on my plans for the week while the guys were off doing fun things. (This seems to be happening a lot lately…)

We did get B to Sunday School and made plans for him to play with his friend Jacob while I was at a youth group meeting this afternoon. Nothing seemed too out of sorts, so I thought maybe the day was going to go better than I had originally thought.

We got home, got changed, and B went out to wait for us to go to my parents’ house for lunch.  He wasn’t out there long – he came in shivering, teeth chattering. Without even thinking about it, I put my hand to his forehead and thought, “Wow. He’s really warm.” Two minutes later we waited for the thermometer to finally beep.



He didn’t want to eat brunch. He didn’t want to go see either of his grandmothers. He didn’t even want to go play video games with his buddy Jacob.

Now that’s sick.

I wonder sometimes how kids go from health to sickness in what seems like the blink of an eye.

He’s snuggling on the couch with me, enjoying TinTin on Netflix, sipping ginger ale, requesting broth only for dinner. Maybe we’ll do some reading a little later so we can finish James and the Giant Peach.

Yep. It’s not the day I planned, but I’ll take what I get and hope that a little extra rest, fluid, and time with Mommy will be enough for B to get over what he’s got.


13 thoughts on “Not How I Thought Today Would Go: #slice2012

  1. Aye lass, isn’t there some Scot who wrote about “the best laid plans…” and such? I had really hoped he would get a kick out of a full breakfast for lunch and everybody would have a little fun while I played short order cook. At least he is taking fluids, so he isn’t going to dehydrate. In any event, there is nothing so comforting as Mommy love when you’re sick. I’m glad this happened at a time when you could dote on him.

    • I see you were typing too fast again.
      I hate having to go to school when the poor thing is sick. I guess I’m glad it started today rather than later in the week.

  2. SO sorry your little one is sick! :( I hope the resting paid off and that he is feeling better in the morning. I am also hoping that you enjoyed a quiet day, given that it started off with that frazzled running late feeling!

  3. it seems there are many bugs in my areas too this spring. Perhaps it is the price we pay for an “easy” winter…or else it is just the way to catch up on snuggle times.’

    • It was an insanely mild winter here – and everyone has been sick. I keep hoping we’ll get to the end of it, but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

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