A Day With My Mom: #slice2012

Today was a day that was long overdue.

I promised my mom I would take her to a musical or play a couple of Christmases ago and I finally made good on it today by taking her to see West Side Story at Hershey Theater.

Yeah, I know that makes me sound really horrible, but we never could decide what we wanted to see. If we could, sometimes we’d run into a problem with our schedules – and since she worked every other weekend, that seemed to happen quite a bit. So, in my defense, it wasn’t just me.

So, in December, I saw that this show was coming and thought that it might fit the bill.

And bonus! I could take her on her birthday! Sweet!

The bigger bonus I hadn’t counted on is that this was her first week of being retired.

So today was all about her. We left this morning and braved the downpours that hit here around lunch-time to get a nice seafood lunch (her favorite kind of food) near the theater and then got to the theater and settled into our seats just before they told us to turn off our cell phones.

We enjoyed the musical (though I think I spent too much time letting my English teacher brain compare the show to R&J, which I will start teaching in a couple of weeks) and I made note of the other shows listed in the program that Mom and I might be able to see now that she’s got a little more free time.

To top the whole day off, we met up with our guys for dinner.

I hope she had fun because I’m hoping we don’t have to wait so long to do it again.


5 thoughts on “A Day With My Mom: #slice2012

  1. At a certain point, I stopped buying things for my parents at Christmas or for birthdays and anniversaries. Instead, I find tickets for a concert or show that they can either enjoy together or we can all attend. What has resulted is a lot of memorable nights — particularly with my mom, who introduced me to music when I was very young. Those nights at the symphony, or hearing different artists in smaller venues, are things I will treasure for a lifetime.

  2. A day with your mom sounds just perfect, and totally designed around her. It makes me want to get on the phone right now, call my mom, and make a play to spend time with her. Such a small thing to do, but I’m sure such a big deal for our moms. Glad it was such a fun day.

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