Antici…….pation: #slice2012

Ever since I finished the last page of Hunger Games, I have been looking forward to the movie.

I even tried (unsuccessfully) to sneak onto the Facebook group where they were casting and coordinating extras even though I didn’t live anywhere near where they were filming.

I got my district ID from as soon as I could (District 10, in case you wondered.)

My husband bought me Hunger Games nail polish – the District 10 color that he thought I needed to have and the incredible orange color with sparkly flecks in them. He also got me a pin.

We have been following the articles about the books and the movie in my classroom and have figured out who in my classes own the books so we have more to pool than just the copies in my classroom library and school library to read.

I made one boy’s eyes light up when I snagged him a copy of Hunger Games just this week – only a day after he requested it.

It’s not the only book out there. It’s not the only book I’m in love with. It’s not the only one that I have shared and shared and shared.


We have tickets for the midnight show of this movie. We’ve done it for Harry Potter. Going to see HP at midnight was always intense. People had such strong reactions to the books and the characters. The fans came dressed up. They came with props. They came quoting the books. They were friendly and wonderful to be around – one large community gathered to see something they loved. As soon as the lights went down, it was quiet enough to hear every gasp, laugh, and cry.

Something tells me that the midnight crowd for this will be much the same.

I get to go with my husband (who all but freaked out last night when his iPad died when he had only 5 pages to go — he finished it this morning) and my dad (who read it last week – got to be the first and only borrower of my Nook copy). I already know there is potential for running into friends there thanks to Facebook posts.

It’s been a lot of waiting and now I’m looking at the time and thinking that I probably need to go to sleep for a couple of hours before we leave.

Hard to believe all that waiting is nearly over.

But since I have this new rule about not posting while sleepy, I will probably wait to pen my post about the experience until I’ve gotten some shut-eye.

Something tells me that if you aren’t going tonight to see for yourselves, you’ll probably be able to wait for it just fine.


15 thoughts on “Antici…….pation: #slice2012

    • Hubby was already reading the reviews from everywhere. NPR said they really cleaned up the violence (probably so it could get a PG-13 rating instead of an R) – almost to the point of ridiculousness. EW said good things. We’ll see what I say tomorrow. :)

  1. My students and I have been eager for this weekend as well! I know many of them are going to the midnight showing, but unfortunately I couldn’t get tickets in time (stupid procrastination). I am going on Saturday afternoon with my husband though! I hope you love the movie and are able to function tomorrow ;)

    • Ugh. We probably would’ve missed out if my husband hadn’t kept asking me if I’d ordered tickets yet. He’s the one that keeps this household running…

  2. Oooooh, I’m jealous. If only I could stay awake past 11! Can’t wait to see what you think of it. I do think the movie makers were wise to get the PG-13 rating since much of their target audience is in the teens.

    • Probably. But I wonder what kind of effect it will have on the audience… I’m torn. I know that many pre-teens/teens will want to go see this. But I guess I teach high schoolers and know that some of them get to go see SAW XXII when it comes out…are they going to be bothered by what happens in the movie? Or is it going to see too tame compared to what they imagined while reading the book? That could say volumes about what happens with future movies…

  3. Hope you aren’t too disappointed. I was hooked on the books too but you have me beat by a mile, many miles. I’m more a Dragon Tattoo Girl :)
    Waiting for your review,

  4. So jealous! I can’t stay up that late, though… even on New Year’s Eve I barely make it past the song and a kiss.

    I’m going with a friend on Saturday. My husband hasn’t read the book. He’ll want to see it eventually, I’m sure, but I’m thrilled to be able to hit this movie with someone else who loved the book :)

    • I love that I have these Nerdy guys in my life that will go along for adventures in reading and late night movie watching with me.
      Just got home from dropping the junior member of the household off at my mom’s. Dad said he couldn’t sleep either. This is going to be trouble…

  5. So excited for you and so very jealous. I have to wait until WEDNESDAY to see it. I don’t know if I can stand it but I made a promise to two friends to wait until they got back from a spring break vacation so we could see it together and then go to dinner afterward to chat about it. The good news is that gives me time to reread it again. I hope it’s fantastic because I also promised by boyfriend I would take him to it (so I’m seeing it twice no matter what). ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!

  6. So glad to hear you got to see the movie last night. Almost every review I’ve read this morning has been positive. I was laughing while reading all the Hunger Games things you’ve done along the way — my husband can’t believe I bought the people magazine almost solely devoted to breaking down the Hunger Games. It was great! Hope you enjoyed it. I’m really looking forward to seeing it soon.

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