Proud: #slice2012

When I walked into the library for our faculty meeting this afternoon and saw two of my students there, I thought maybe they were lost. Or looking for a book. But then I saw one of them with the same speech she wanted me to read over.

Ahhhh…they aren’t lost. They are here to showcase what they have been doing in FFA competitions.

I admit; I didn’t know what to expect. My high school (a mere 7 miles away) didn’t have an FFA, so it was all new to me when I started at this high school as a long-term sub in 2003. Since then I have been to FFA banquest and helped students practice their presentation of the creed and giving feedback to students about their speeches.

But I have never had the opportunity to see them do what they do in front of an audience before today.

I was so impressed! The young many who read the creed was incredible. He had the right volume, the right body language, and tone. He had it all figured out. Didn’t miss a word.

Then came a student reading her award-winning speech. She went through her prepared speech with confidence and ease – despite telling me beforehand how nervous she was to present to the faculty. Then the question-and-answer session began. She had a ton of questions from her audience that she was able to handle very well.

One of my colleagues asked her what we could do as faculty members to encourage and help those students to prepare to give a speech. She said simply that we should make sure that students get as much practice as possible in all of our classes. The real love was when she mentioned the English department (for the skills she needed to write the speech) and the musical director (for her ability to speak loudly and clearly).

Glad that they surprised me by not telling me about this = it was the best surprise I have had this week. :)


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