Lost: #slice2012


My Inspiration

My Motivation

Last Seen:

About two weeks ago – before the owner became ill


This Inspiration/Motivation tends to be easily distract with shiny objects including keys, shoes, and jewelry.

She rarely comes when called.

Even still, for all of her flaws and slight of hand tricks,

I miss her and hope she returns soon.


(At least soon enough to have a real #slice2012 post for tomorrow…)


12 thoughts on “Lost: #slice2012

  1. I think you managed to pull a fine post out of your hat tonight even without inspiration and motivation. I love how you wrote it with lots of white space. I esp. like the line, “She rarely comes when called.”

  2. I often need to send out an SOS for my Muse. I’d offer you the loan of mine, but she’s so fickle I’m afraid she’d never come back!

    (And it sounds like yours might be hiding just over your shoulder, out of view. That post was really sweet!)

    • Much better than what the comment on the Two Writing Teachers suggested. Wow…I shouldn’t be allowed to play on the computer at that hour…I don’t even remember writing it!

  3. I can so relate to your slice!! When I am overwhelmed, exhausted, and/or tired, those seem to be the times I’m most distracted. I wonder why that is?
    I really enjoy the humor you infused into realizing this has happened to you.
    Hope you feel better soon!!

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