Outlasted: #slice2012

What does it take to hang with teenagers til the break of dawn?

Apparently a quart of iced coffee, some enjoyable conversation, and a good book.

And, in most cases, you’ll be the only one still awake when the new day dawns.

Yep. I outlasted the teenagers, the very kiddos who were telling me that they were just waking up around 10 pm.

Let me just note that 10 pm is past my usual bedtime.

The student and faculty organizers did a fantastic job of arranging entertainment for the night. There was a talent contest and some short videos shared along with a speaker at the beginning of the night. Followed by food and dancing. There was a magician who had everyone rush the stage when he managed to produce rabbits from thin air. Followed by more food and more dancing.

After that a Wii was set up in the library and a Kinect in my classroom. Dancing games seemed to be the order of the night. (I now have Soulja Boy stuck in my head.) One of my senior girls got me to do a duet dance with her on Just Dance 3. I am thinking that this dance was a hard one, but it wouldn’t have mattered. I look like a klutz doing the Hokey-Pokey.

They had a bouncy house and sumo wrestler suits set up in the gym, along with a volleyball net. We had a musician come in and play about the time the DJ was packing things up. Then everyone went off to watch movies.

And before you knew it, there were snores coming from all directions. These kids were worn out.  In my room, there were a few who struggled to find a comfortable spot to curl up in. I sat in my awesome rolly chair under an led light above my bookshelf and worked on finishing Matched.

People slowly started to wake up about an hour before everyone could leave to go sleep in their own beds. Game systems got put away, floors got swept, tables and desks got put back where they usually reside. It was quiet but steady work until they announced the awards (silliness) and how much money they had raised for the Four Diamonds Fund (serious – more than $6000).

I’m proud of our students.

Even if they couldn’t stay up later than their English teacher.




10 thoughts on “Outlasted: #slice2012

    • I slept when I got home – and I was hoping to sleep more, but something (the dog?) woke me up and I never did get back to sleep til bedtime. I don’t do well to power through anymore. I’m at my max at 24 hours…

  1. As a veteran student leadership organizer of several similar wake-a-thon activities (and if you’re one of the organizers, you have to stay up all night!), this brought back some vivid memories. Those are great nights, even if they are taxing on body and brain. Hope you’re enjoying a lazy Saturday! :)

    • I love these kinds of events! Such a change of pace and atmosphere… One more yet this year – the post-prom party.
      I had a very lazy Saturday. Now it’s time to pick up the slack and get some work done today.

  2. Sounds like a great night. Love that you got in there and danced with the kids. I really enjoyed this line “Apparently a quart of iced coffee, some enjoyable conversation, and a good book.” Reminds me of my nieces and nephews and my favorite times with them. Hope you can get some sleep today!

    • I didn’t get much sleep – only about 3,5 hours. Hubby and I had planned to go on a date to enjoy some dinner and a play but we passed on the play because we were both beat. Hopefully we’ll get there to see it next weekend before it closes.

    • I love the premise, I love the way she created this new world and thought through all of the repercussions of the choices this society has made, but I’m not as attached to Cassia as I had hoped. I’m still trying to figure out why. A student of mine and I were talking about this – she had the same reaction. Looking forward to getting Crossed at the library Monday.

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