Friday: #slice2012

Every Friday, I admit, I wake up and hear that Rebecca Black song screaming in my head.

I’m not sure how much of the rest of the world has this running through their heads on Friday mornings, but I have a good guess that many of my high school teaching colleagues do.

Because if they haven’t been singing it to themselves, the kids have sung it to them.

We were working on doing some prewriting this afternoon. The prompts I had in the earlier classes were not cutting it in this one. I was getting frustrated because my brain is still a bit scrambled from being sick. So…I told them to write about how they felt at 2:35 on Friday afternoons, to describe it in as much detail as they could.

I started writing and for some reason my pen took over and wrote the word:



I love my job. I think I have been blessed with some pretty awesome students. I get to teach English — which affords me the opportunity to talk books, read, discuss, write, and — best of all — keep switching up what I teach.

So really?


That’s kind of shocking to me.

Perhaps it’s just today. I still feel under the weather. I know I have a long night ahead of me. And a couple of weeks before we get any more days off.

I will puzzle over that word for a little while.

It’s better than singing Friday in my head.


9 thoughts on “Friday: #slice2012

  1. I often feel relieved on Fridays. It’s nice knowing that I get a break for a couple days to recoup and prepare myself for another week with my kiddos. I love my job too, and I have awesome students, but there are times that I really look forward to spending some time at home.

    • The breaks, the time with my family – so necessary and I do look forward to them. But I guess the word “relieved” had conjured up the idea of escape for me. More like, “Get me out of here!” Maybe it was just the day I was having. (It was one of Those Days.)
      What I find interesting, now that I’m thinking about it, is that by the end of the day, I was in a much better frame of mind (8th period ROCKED!) and I was looking forward to picking up my son and coming BACK to school with him for the MiniThon lock-in.

  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself… I bet a lot of people would have a word similar to relieved on a Friday (no matter their profession). I bet I would. I always try to remind myself that even though I really like my job, I’m still human, and no matter how much I like “work” – it is “work” and it’s okay to admit that I wouldn’t mind if I was with my dog, exercising, traveling, spending time with family, sleeping, etc. sometimes instead. I have that song in my head now. AH!

    • When I used to work as a pharmacy tech at the hospital, I would be relieved at the end of every shift…but then that meant that I was grateful to give my poor feet a rest. :) I loved that job, too (and I worked there AND taught full-time until soon after my son was born).

      Sorry about the earworm. ;)

  3. Sometimes I think we are relieved for all the right reasons. We’re relieved when we finally make it to the gym and complete an evening’s exercise. We’re relieved when we’ve had a week where we worked hard and accomplished much. We’re relieved when we have time to get caught up with life a bit. Don’t worry, it is obvious you love what you do.

    • Thanks, Cathy. :) I think I need to do more of the “make it to the gym and complete an evening’s exercise” and experience some of that relief. I think it would probably help immensely.

  4. I don’t think relief is a negative emotion at all! I’m always relieved at the end of Friday. I got through another week of planning some decent Language Arts, photocopying everything in time for class, keeping interactions between myself and students positive, making sure we had a few laughs along the way, having enough energy to run my classroom through to that final bell, and in general climbing the mountain of the last five days! Relief is the positive emotion that comes when the job is over and it’s been well done. It’s something to revel in and celebrate!

    And, the fact that you love what you do (and are damn good at it!) is obvious in everything you write about teaching here, on twitter, and elsewhere! :)

    Happy Friday — and Saturday — and Sunday!

    • You’re right. Our schedules are intense at school and to get to the end of the week means we have a couple of minutes to breathe and enjoy the peace and quiet of an empty classroom before thinking about what needs to get done next.

      Hanging out with the kids on Friday night, hearing them talk about me as a teacher to their friends and then reading your kind words really did wonders. Sometimes I get so focused in on a zillion little things that aren’t going right and forget to think about everything that IS. Thank you. :)

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