Sick Day: #slice2012

It took nearly a week, but that sinus infection finally laid me low. I woke up feverish this morning and knew that if I wanted to be able to do everything I had planned for Friday, I’d better get some rest and get over this mess.

Of course, even as I was calling off, I kept thinking that I would be able to cross a zillion things off my to-do list from my spot on the couch. After all, how much effort does it take to sit and comment on assignments on the computer?

Foolish woman.

I did manage to weigh in on a few papers from my seniors, but after I caught myself typing more comments that looked like oihsoaihfoiahgdoahdoihadg (thankfully not posted), I decided it was best to give in to my sleepiness and take a nap.

It’ll just be a short nap, I rationalized.

I woke up 3 1/2 hours later.

I woke up feeling lousy and proceeded to nap off and on for the rest of the afternoon until I picked up my son.

My son who opted to stay inside with me instead of playing outside with the neighbor kids when the weather was gorgeous outside.

This is a high compliment. The highest, actually.

So he was the cruise director for our mommy-son evening.

He beat me soundly and repeatedly at Cars Monopoly – I love that he doesn’t quite get how the game is supposed to work, as evidenced by him giving me money and property from his pile whenever I ran out.

Then we had brinner and he opted to have a dippy egg for the first time ever. (I don’t know that he was really as into it as he seemed at the beginning, but I appreciate his willingness to try.)

And now we’re watching a He-Man movie…and I now know all of the back story about She-Ra. (Probably more than I ever needed to know, to be honest…but I get to watch it with a pint-sized version of MST3K on the couch next to me, so it’s actually kind of funny.)

I don’t feel a lot better physically, but I do feel better for having had the time to spend with Bryson.


19 thoughts on “Sick Day: #slice2012

  1. This is the cutest! I’m sorry you’re sick, but I love your account of how you spent the afternoon with Bryson. He sounds like a really sweet, cute little boy :)

    • They are the worst. And they always happen when you think you haven’t got the time to slow down. Mother Nature 1, Cindy 0. It’s probably a good reminder that I’m not in charge…

  2. I took a sick day yesterday. I could hardly think straight. Isn’t it funny how one day we can do it all, and the next we can barely function. Hope you’re feeling better and glad you got some quality time with your son!

    • Hope you feel better soon, too! We had a great night together last night and tonight should be good. I wish I felt better, but I’ll settle for the fact that I at least didn’t have a fever today. I’ll go get some ibuprofen and Musinex in my system and hopefully that will hold me over tonight.

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