Thankful: #slice2012

I started a gratitude journal a long time ago with the intention of jotting a couple of things down in it every night before I went to sleep to end the day on a positive note.

For some reason, it’s not full or current.

But I do try to think about the good stuff before I slip off to dreamland.

So here’s my quick list for today:

  • my son singing (yelling?) from bed for me to have a good day when I left for school
  • my dad’s giddiness over a new sci fi anthology he found (I love that we can be book nerds together!)
  • my students arguing to have more time to read today since we weren’t on the shortened club period schedule
  • a chance to talk to some colleagues (some near, some afar) who kick-started a thousand thoughts that are going off like fireworks in my (now) sleep-deprived mind
  • knowing I will be able to chat with my dear husband about all of these thoughts as I begin to drift off to sleep…

I am blessed.

Today and every day.


12 thoughts on “Thankful: #slice2012

  1. A gratitude journal is a good idea. Isn’t it interesting that it is the little simple things in life that make us happy. Glad you took the time to slow down to notice and to share them with us.


    • It usually is the simple things that make our days wonderful, but it can be so easy to get bogged down with everything else that we don’t notice them.

    • I’m good about writing in journals but I’m dreadful about writing in them before bed. That routine just never seems to stick. My problem with paper journals is that I have about a zillion of them stashed all over the place that I might be using at any one time. I have three going at school, one big pink one I like to carry around with me, and a set of lovely linen-covered ones I got from my Secret Santa the other year that have been recently unearthed in the Great Desk Cleaning of 2012. Goodness. This could have been its own post.
      I’ll let you know some more thoughts on the education stuff later. Still processing.

  2. Your list reminds me that I used to ask my two young boys what they were thankful for at the end of each day. I’m not sure why we stopped. I need to start that back up again.

    • I love that idea! I know I have asked B about what the best part of his day was off and on for a long time. I think that this reframes it a bit. What he says about the best part of his day usually isn’t what I would predict and many times I’m left feeling so proud…and sometimes I just shake my head and laugh.

    • Always best to end the day on a positive note. I will definitely be thinking about how nice it was to have the ability to take a sick day today so I could get some much-needed rest so I can get over this bug.

    • That is still not my favorite thing to hear in my classroom.
      The best thing is the collective groan/sigh when the timer goes off signaling we need to put the books away for a while and do some other work. One day I want to surprise them and not set the timer at all and see whether anyone looks around after 10 or 15 minutes to figure out why it didn’t go off. Something tells me that no one would. :)

  3. Love this! I bought a cool new journal (Star Wars, of course) and I keep trying to decide how to use it. I do that all the time… blank journals litter my house (hmm… post idea?). Anyway, I love the idea of thinking about what makes us thankful.

  4. You need to post a picture of the Star Wars journal. That’s too cool. :)
    I have this terrible stationary addiction. If you checked to see where I spend my money, it would probably get pretty evenly split among books, geeky tech stuff, and stationary/office supplies. Kim McCollum-Clark thinks that we English teachers have a stationary gene in us – it’s hard to argue with biology so I do reiterate that to my poor hubby when he sees another bag from the store filled with notebooks, pens, binders, post-its, etc.

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