Chaperoning: #slice2012

There are really only two times a year that I don’t mind not sleeping at night.

One is during MiniThon – an annual event held at our high school to raise money for the Four Diamonds Fund.

The other is our Post Prom Party.

Both are lock-in type events where everyone is to be up all night. To help ensure that this happens, the schedule is pretty packed with games, entertainment, and, of course, food. (I think that the food may be the most important part – I’m not sure I would really want to be around teenagers who are tired AND hungry…)

Chaperones usually take shifts, but I am one of those people who thinks that it’s worth it to hang out ALL night – in large part because I am proud of our students for making the decision to attend these functions.  The kids have challenged me to play Just Dance (which is what prompted me to buy it), Scrabble, run the gauntlet or bungie run, learn line dances (no one has ever successfully taught me the Macarena yet…maybe this year), and get brain freeze from Italian ice. I’ve gotten to catch up with upperclassmen I don’t get to see much and talk to kids about their schedules and summer plans. You better believe we talk books, too.

While the setting is still the same – classrooms, cafeteria, library, gym – everything seems far more relaxed and friendly.

So Mini-Thon is coming up on Friday night. After a long week at school with a long weekend ahead of me, I am looking forward to powering through and spending some quality time with my students past and present, helping them raise money (through pledges) for a charity of importance to them.


9 thoughts on “Chaperoning: #slice2012

  1. So much fun! And some serious dedication on your part. I’ve done a few lock-in type events and always love them — until the next day! ;) Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    • Definitely great memories. Last year, I did end up taking about a 20 minute nap underneath one of the tables in the library — right next to where they were playing Just Dance. VERY weird to wake up to the Rasputin song…

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