Monday Mornings: #slice2012

It’s Monday morning and I’m up thinking about…

* all the things I didn’t get done this weekend.
* all the things I need to do today, in order of priority.
* how waking up at 4 am is probably not good for today since I didn’t get to sleep until almost midnight.
* how to get back to sleep.
* why the cat likes to lean in when I rub his left ear but not his right.
* how I kinda wish that I’d bought Matched on my Nook so I could finish reading it without turning on the lights.
* if today might be The Day for one of my pregnant friends.
* who else is going to Minithon this weekend.
* that yearbook won’t meet because of PSSA testing this week.

If my thoughts are any indication, it’s going to be a busy day…and probably week.


9 thoughts on “Monday Mornings: #slice2012

  1. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to shut my mind up! You described that feeling perfectly. These are all perfectly reasonable things to think about, but why do our minds have to mull them over during sleep-time??

  2. Wishing you a restful night. “Why the cat likes to lean in when I rub his left ear but not his right”…that’s an interesting observation. I’m also very curious as to why. ;)

  3. How many days — and nights — are a mindstew like this? My trouble is thinking about these things while I’m trying to fall asleep, so I fall asleep with a racing mind that wakes me up again in the middle of the night. Anyway, this is a neat slice because the random list is absolutely the perfect form for what you’re trying to express. It’s a perfect portrait of the mind! :)

    • I honestly hadn’t thought about the list as a good form to express this, but you’re right. Maybe I just was writing what was going through my head… Thanks for the comments!

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