Reflection on #slice2012

Eleven days already?

Oh wait. I only wrote ten posts so far. Still have to cross today’s off the to-do list.

The easy part is the writing. I have been paying attention to everything differently, playing around with ideas and words in my head long before I sit at my computer to blog.

I think the hard part has been making time for doing it. Depending on how long it takes to write my post, it might be tough to find the few minutes (before I fall asleep, that is) to leave responses for others.

But I know how much I have enjoyed seeing if anyone has been reading/commenting on what I have written.

Okay. Maybe “enjoyed” is a bit of understatement in this case.

Is there something weird about constantly checking my email to see if there are any more responses?

I love getting feedback. I love being part of this group.

That is the reason I am trying to make sure I’m posting comments to others.

Oh, and I love the fact that my mom called to ask me how to get to my blog so she could read it for herself.

(Mark my words, that woman will have a Facebook account and Twitter before summer vacation. I say that with total confidence and she’s only been retired less than 48 hours. She is just too nosy NOT to.)

I’m glad that I started.

Wondering if I’ll still feel this way at the end of March…


8 thoughts on “Reflection on #slice2012

  1. I’ll bet that at the end of the month you’ll be more exhilarated than exhausted by all of this writing.

    Your idea about comment-craving gives us insight into how students feel when they take risks in writing, hand it in to a teacher, and then wait for feedback.

    Commenting on at least one blog post a day is a little goal of mine. Thanks for helping me achieve it today.

    • You know, I was thinking about that after I posted it – and even last week when I was talking about poetry with my students. I was remembering doing the poetry prompts on Bud Hunt’s blog during April. It was the first thing I did most days and it couldn’t have possibly started my day any better. Hmmmm…I wonder if he’s doing that again this year…

      Glad to help you meet your goals, too. :)

  2. I love this challenge too. It helps that I write my post the night before – I begin to freak out if I get too close to any deadlines. I feel bad that I can’t post comments on all of the blogs but I do post to about 10. I can’t possibly comment more than I am or I’ll lose my mind. :) And love that your mom is getting into all of this.

    • She can’t stand feeling out of the loop. Since it looks like she’ll have B with her tomorrow morning, maybe he can explain it all to her. :)
      You have no idea how much I want to channel your deadline phobia. I might have to do that.

  3. Your post made me laugh. Mostly because I could just envision your mom trying to figure out how to keep tabs on all you are doing online. My mom has a Facebook and Twitter account BECAUSE she is nosy. Unfortunately for her, my kids have “blocked” her on Twitter. She says she is surely the only grandma that has been blocked on Twitter. I’m thinking she may be the only grandma on Twitter. ;o) My dad requested I post my links on Facebook so he can find them. Aren’t our parents funny?

    Like you, I do think the feedback is important. It is helpful to hear what others have to say. I’m learning a lot in the process. As I read your last line, “I wonder if I’ll feel the same way at the end of March,” I had to smile. I wonder how we’ll feel by then too.


    • Dad is on Facebook but not Twitter. Mom insists she doesn’t want any part of it, but I remember her saying the same thing about email before. (She still insists on printing every email she gets.) Remains to be seen.

      Bigger thought on all of this: I’m having a ball. Can’t think of any better reason to keep it up!

  4. love what you said about your Mother …(Mark my words, that woman will have a Facebook account and Twitter before summer vacation. I say that with total confidence and she’s only been retired less than 48 hours. She is just too nosy NOT to.)

    I’m not sure that I want my mom viewing mine. LOL

    • Ha! My dad is on Facebook and she has him update her on everything as it is. I’m just guessing that he’ll get tired of reporting it to her now that she’s retired, too!

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