Cleaning House: #slice2012

I am too embarrassed to tell you how long my cleaning strategy has involved putting bags or making piles of stuff on/at/near/under my desk in the study.

I have a whole host of people and furry friends who can attest to this without the need for a photo that I should’ve taken but didn’t.

I have just pulled the door closed to that room for weeks so I don’t have to look at the mess (unless I needed to put more stuff in there), but for some reason,  I got up, had some breakfast, skipped on my usual morning coffee and went to work cleaning the place up.

A whole morning later, I can see the top of my desk, all of my clothes and shoes are put away. I filled up the little trash can at least once.

While I was looking through this tremendous pile of stuff, I kept thinking about what stays and what goes. I find myself going through old notes, checking to see if there is any salvageable paper or ideas in the notebooks and planners and church bulletins before I throw them away. Movie ticket? Stays. An old magazine? Off to be recycled. An article Jason clipped for me? It gets a reprieve until I can remember why I saved it in the first place.

The mind craves the order, but the heart usually makes other plans for most days.

So now that it’s tidied up, I need to find some way to keep it this way.

And maybe I can use my desk again for more than a day or two.

In case you were wondering what the #slice2012 is about, I’m writing a post a day for the month of March as part of the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge. Click on over to their page to see what everyone else has been writing!



12 thoughts on “Cleaning House: #slice2012

    • Most of the rest of the house isn’t too bad. I think I’ll challenge the kid to see which of us can pick up more stuff in one playing of Party Rock Anthem. He gets distracted fast, so I bet I win this time.

  1. I have piles of bags all under my desk and on some of my book cases. I keep saying that I will get to them. Last weekend I attacked one. Maybe this weekend I’ll attack another! I’m constantly having to clean and organize the piles on my desk. My van… We won’t talk about the stuff in my van to clean out!

    • So glad I’m not the only one with this problem. I should do a bit at a time, but generally, when I get the energy, it’s best to just go for it and clear out the backlogged mess.

  2. I finally clicked over to the Slice page, thanks for putting in the link and giving me a reminder. I loved Ruth’s post from the 9th about her two writing teachers who were ages 5 and 6. Pretty encouraging to see what a kid can understand.

  3. “The mind craves the order, but the heart usually makes other plans for most days.” I love, love, love this line! I think it will join me the next time I am cleaning up around here. Good for you for being so productive on a Saturday morning!

  4. Ah! Sounds like you had a little “spring cleaning” on the brain! Feels so good to get stuff cleared! You’re inspiring me to attack some of my piles soon. :)

    • You might be onto something here. The cleaning, the opening of the windows, dinner on the grill. Maybe I’m just ready for the spring weather and sunshine.

      Good luck with your cleaning. May the inspiration last long enough to get it done. :)

  5. At first I really believed you were describing cleaning off my desk… but alas, I just checked and everything is still there. Every time I get it organized I think, “Wow! This is great! I’ll never let it get so bad again…” Love your post!

  6. Love the line, “The mind craves the order, but the heart usually makes other plans for most days.” You have described my world in this snippet. I let it build up until it is driving me crazy, then I clean, then the cycle starts all over. Oh well… I guess there could be worse problems, right?

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