They Aren’t Rose-Colored, But I’ll Take ‘Em: #slice2012

Once upon a fall Friday, we had a pep rally at our high school.
At that pep rally, I got volunteered to be part of the teacher relay team racing against students.
In that relay, I got picked to find a Life Saver in a pie plate of whipped cream.
After the other team won, I had whipped cream all over my face and glasses.
Amid the chaos that ensured, some kind student tried to help me out by taking my glasses to clean them off.
When I got them back, I wished I could turn the clock back about 30 minutes and do the smart thing and take them off before running in the relay.
Several months later, I stopped on a whim to the place where I bought my glasses to see if something could be done to repair the scratches.
“No,” I was told. “You need to purchase new lenses.”
To the tune of $480.
Because my replacement plan had timed out. It was only good for a year.
I looked back in my FB to see when I picked them up.
My year wasn’t up.
I talked to the manager and got it all cleared up. A $25 fee and I was on the road to new lenses.
So a trip to Harrisburg and thirty minutes of B acting as my “seeing eye kid,” I got my glasses back.
And I could, for the first time in months, see with perfect clarity.
They may not be rose-colored, but these lenses might as well be because I’m so glad to be able to see all the detail I’ve been missing.


6 thoughts on “They Aren’t Rose-Colored, But I’ll Take ‘Em: #slice2012

  1. I really enjoyed how your post started out. “Once upon a fall Friday,…At that pep rally, …In that relay..” It reminded me of how stories started in my youth. Also really enjoyed the title and how it all tied together with the story of your glasses – very clever.

    • Thanks! I actually sat there at dinner trying to figure out how to set the beginning up. The end just felt too easy to pass it by since I’d already written the title.

  2. Love this post. How are your eyes – weren’t you having some problems with them? I have tiny floaters that drive me nuts in my right eye. When I went to the opthamologist he said, “How old are you?” 37. “I hate to tell you, you’re getting older.” Seriously? :)

    • Turns out my left eye isn’t droopy after all. It’s swelling shut every afternoon/evening. Scheduled to have an MRI in April to check the orbits, but my theory is that it’s either connected to allergies or my recurring sinus infections. The problem is that I’m partly blind in my right eye from having a detached retina when I was in college. It’s like looking through a broken mirror if I’m only looking through that eye. And when the left eye is all swelled shut… You get the idea.
      And we’re not that old. Grrrr…(I turn 37 this year.)
      Floaters are annoying, but eventually you’ll come to ignore them. They remind me of paramecium swimming around in my field of vision. (mine are pretty small). I Considered naming them, but decided it against that because it seemed too dorky. Although, after I read Squish, I admit, I thought about it again…

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