Quiet: #slice2012

I’m settled in on the couch in a quiet house to work today. The guys have gone out to see a show and a movie and get lunch together after a morning of errands. It’s me and the pets, an open computer, and a wicked long to-do list.

I don’t often pay attention to much on my computer besides the screen and the occasional strands of white cat fur that shows up so nicely on the black keys. But this morning I looked at the quote I had ordered in place of personalization when I ordered it:

“What better place than here/What better time than now”

The song it comes from (“Guerilla Radio” by Rage Against the Machine) isn’t about procrastinating English teachers,  but those lines certainly talk to me.

On my computer, it doesn’t scream at me to create change like the song does, but it does give me a nudge in the right direction. Write that post. Read that book. Grade those papers. Finish that yearbook.

But sometimes, more often than not, I look at it and think: spend time with your husband and son.

Knowing that they are my favorite way to procrastinate, they took off for the day.

Time to get stuff done before they get home so I can enjoy time with them with a clear conscience and a list that is more ta-da than to-do.


14 thoughts on “Quiet: #slice2012

  1. I am inspired! My to-do list is long as well, and I have been procrastinating this morning. I love the idea of a ‘ta-da’ list! I’m goin’ for one right now. Girl, you can really write! Love your voice.

    • And thank you for the compliment. I need to get out and get caught up on making comments on others’ blogs. I dig the idea of people putting their slice links in the comments they leave.

    • Why can’t we just rest when we’re home sick? I do the same thing! So far…I’m fussing with Gimp on a picture I’m editing for yearbook.

    • Rage is good for typing, getting speeding tickets, and pushing oneself on the treadmill. Not so good for photo editing (in case you were wondering). My friend Jonathan used to lump them in a category of “sonic amphetamines” when we listened to them in college.

  2. Yes…avoiding my ta-da list today! Gorgeous weather here, a day to find a pool or a spring to swim. Soon it will be too hot here! I am glad that your family recognizes your need for space to clear your ta-da list!

  3. Beth,
    I too had a quiet house today. I have to say I looked forward to the time to read and write without interruption. Like you, my favorite thing is to have time to spend with my family. It’s a delicate balance. Having time to focus on the work I have to do helps me to be able to enjoy the time with them. I hope you were able to get some work done AND enjoy your family today.


  4. You’re right my family is also my favorite way to procrastinate, but then you have this guilt hanging over your head. Right now my favorite way to procrastinate is reading posts! Your quote reminded me of a book, “The Three Questions” based on the story by Tolstoy by Jon J. Muth. I think you’d enjoy it!

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