Housekeeping: Slice of Life

I’ve never been the neatest person. My mom used to complain about the state of my bedroom – in part because I’m a packrat, in part because even when my room looked clean, there was still too many places overflowing with my junk .
It’s not really much better these days. It’s usually an issue of time and motivation, not stuff these days. I come home with the plan to clean house for a few minutes, but I find I am much too tired to do anything much.
But I have found that nothing gets me moving faster to tidy up than a prearranged visit from friends.
Laundry moves closer to the closet, vacuum cleaners are necessary to prevent colonies of cat fur attaching to the laundry.
Check and check.
Do I really think I’m/we’re being judged on our home? Do I have to clean before anyone can come over?
I don’t know the answers but I do clean. Out of respect and kindness.
So we’re mostly cleaned up around here now and the thought crossed my mind: why aren’t we doing this for ourselves?


10 thoughts on “Housekeeping: Slice of Life

  1. I love when I find my online friends are so similar to me. I’m at my nuttiest best when company is coming – frantically straightening, wiping down counters, checking on toilet paper. I make myself a little crazy. But once they walk through the door, my calm persona takes over. I have finished what I needed to in order to be calm and enjoy the gathering. My family has learned to just stay out of my way. :)
    Loved the slice!

    • Oh yes. We definitely have this in common! I love that I was able to sit down and take a rest (helps with resetting to usual calm demeanor) for a few minutes knowing that some of the stuff I didn’t have time to tidy up was hidden in the study behind closed doors. :)

  2. I can relate to this post – but I am really trying to just let my home be what it is – the place where we live and create and welcome those who love us for who we are – not an easy task. Great slice.

    • It’s been so hectic around here lately that I have decided that when there is free time, I’d rather spend it with my husband and son than cleaning. But sometimes I wonder if we shouldn’t have just a little time together as a family cleaning… ;)

  3. I think of the same thing every other Friday as I rush to “clean” (really, straighten up) before the cleaning lady comes. Why am I so adamant that the house is picked up for her – it looks awesome and makes me feel better, it should be like that daily. :)

    • It’s so funny. I love the way a clean house, a clean desk, an organized closet looks. I know that it shouldn’t take that much time to maintain if I just get my butt in gear and do it. I have asked hubby to contribute 15 minutes a day to help me with my 15 minutes a day so that we could keep the house clean – the same request I have (besides books) for every birthday, Christmas, Easter, anniversary, and Valentine’s Day. It still hasn’t happened. Not just because of him – if one of us misses a day, it all seems to crumble. I know. Totally silly, but…

  4. When I found out my oldest son’s new girlfriend was coming over, I literally spun into overdrive making sure she wouldn’t think he lived with a crazy hoarding mom! Dude. I can’t help it — I teach, therefore I hoard. ;)

  5. There are so, so many things that many of us will do for others that we won’t do for ourselves. And there are so many ways in which we judge ourselves under the guise of believing others will judge us that way. Nice slice! :)

    • “And there are so many ways in which we judge ourselves under the guise of believing others will judge us that way.” YES! You are absolutely right. We have no way of knowing if people even notice the things that we judge about ourselves – but it is very telling to gauge your own reaction to these things.

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