Insomnia: Slice of Life

Hello again, 1:29 am. It’s been a while since we’ve met up. Sure, I saw you on my way home from New York City on Saturday, but that was in passing, in my barely awake state as Jason guided us into the driveway. I nodded in your direction as I noted the time, but we didn’t exactly talk.
Nope. We had company then and I wasn’t really paying attention. Tonight though, it’s just you and me.
I’m not sure why you nudge me awake some nights. I mean, sometimes it’s obvious you’re whispering words in my ears, letting them echo around in my head obsessively until I wake up to discuss them with you. But other nights are like tonight. Nothing obvious. Nothing serious or urgent that you seem to want to address. Just the quiet, steady pulse of my temple keeping the beat against the pillow. Just the slow crawl of the perception of time measured in the blinking Scooby paws on the clock on the ceiling.
So I wait. Wonder about if I’ll get to fall back asleep. If I should get up and finish reading Wonder. If I should worry about being up at this hour again.
I choose instead to write this post, pet Smacky cat who has showed up to cuddle with me, and hope for the best.


27 thoughts on “Insomnia: Slice of Life

  1. I love the perspective you wrote this from. It’s a interesting to read, and I felt as if you have an intimate relationship with insomnia. I hope your intimate relationship gets to be a little less so soon!

    • Oh yes, we’re quite close, me and insomnia. It’s not all bad. Sometimes those are very productive hours. They used to be when I used to expect being up in the middle of the night. It short of felt like a routine then.

  2. Right there with you! Your post speaks to my own experience! I’ve decided that I give in and get up or I go mad. My husband just shared this article with me, “The Myth of the eight-hour sleep” by Stephanie Hegarty It was interesting – it was about how we used to actually have two distinct sleep chunks and that people would commonly be somewhat active between these sleeps??? Who knew!

    • Yes!!! I saw this TED Talk that mentions the same thing. ( I actually viewed it as a routine and found that time incredibly productive. Then it stopped happening because of a switch in medication. I actually complained to the doctor that I didn’t have that time anymore. It was quiet time for me to write and read, sometimes grade papers. Now when it happens, I’m not used to it. Maybe it’s back? That wouldn’t necessarily be bad – just need time to get back in the routine.

  3. Ack
    I’ve been there. Too many times. Usually, I start writing in my head, which doesn’t help, and then I worry that when I wake, I won’t remember what I’ve written ….

    • Is that why you seem to have adopted an early morning writing routine? I have my phone and a tablet near the bed most of the time to catch my thoughts if I get a good idea.

  4. I was going to post a link to that article, too!

    My body seems to be waking me up at 4:30 lately. Not sure why… and I do stay in bed and think, and create. Until it’s time to catch up on my Twitter feed and get the kids and myself ready for school. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love this post! I sometimes have trouble falling asleep – other times I would wake up too early. Actually had to sleep in a “sleep lab” once because they were trying to decide why I woke not feeling rested. Good times! Much better lately but I do enjoy sleeping. Love how you wrote directly to insomnia, like it was an old friend. Nice.

  6. ah, look, my first time here… and you have your own distinct writer’s voice. Maybe that’s what the insomnia wanted you/us to know.

    Hope you got *some* sleep.

  7. Oh…I did not even think about writing a piece like this but I certainly identify with it and my clock and I were up close and personal from 12:30-3:00. I count backwards…tell my toes…ankles…shins…to go to sleep…do deep breathing…think about the book I could just get up and read…birds of a feather:) Thanks for the post which I really can connect with.

  8. Unfortunately your well-chosen words and perspective felt all too familiar. At least the next time I am staring up at the cracks in my ceiling, I might be a little comforted knowing there is someone ele who may be doing the same thing. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love the intimacy of the voice – talking directly to the reader or was it the computer or the ‘act of writing’ personified? Such a comfy voice. I sometimes have insomnia, but I usually fight it. Maybe next time I’ll just go with it. Write.

  10. You are a special writer. You pulled me in from the start. I couldn’t stop until I finished. I have been sick the last two days and haven’t been able to sleep so I could feel how you felt somewhat. Thank you for sharing! Happy Slicing! :o)

  11. What a unique piece of writing. This would make a great mentor text for writing to an inanimate object. You have a creative flair that is very entertaining!

  12. Love the perspective of your slice! Though I don’t sleep enough hours, once I’m asleep, I stay asleep. My husband, on the other hand, could have written this piece. Really bad insomnia for him, and like you said, not always for reasons you can put your finger on. After this post, I hope tonight’s sleep is a better one.

  13. I don’t envy the people with insomnia, no matter how much more productive they are than me. My relationship with sleep is too good and far too important when caring for 2 pre-schoolers during the day. I loved reading your post though, it would never have crossed my mind to think of insomnia, almost as a person…as a friend even on some days.

  14. Wow! Love it. Brilliant apostrophe — I’d never think of writing to 1:29 am! Lovely rhythmic, poetic quality flows through this. What a terrific piece! :)

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