49 of 366 Geeky Things: FreeConference.com

I have been saving this post until I could share what led me to discover this handy little tool.

Not so long ago, tech goddess, literacy leader, and a truly wonderful human being Franki Sibberson contacted me, Colby Sharp, and Donalyn Miller to see if we would be willing to be interviewed by her about The Nerdy Book Club for the Choice Literacy podcast.

Of course we said yes.

Emails were exchanged. DM (direct messages on Twitter) were sent. A date was set. Questions were shared.

And we got a phone number to call at the appointed time.

I wasn’t quite sure what we were doing, but I followed the directions one afternoon after school in my classroom. Next thing I know, we’re all on the line.

So far, no big thing. I have done conference calls before.

Before we get started, Franki explains how this works. She will hit a couple of buttons to start recording and hit them again to stop. Then the whole call will be recorded and sent to her email as an mp3 file when we’re done. Then she’ll edit it down and send that version to get it transcribed and eventually it will be posted to the site.


I had to ask what she’s using to do this. But we’re starting and I need to focus. So I write in HUGE letters on the paper in front of me: HOW???

As soon as she says the recording has been stopped, I’m asking what probably were a zillion questions of my own that I kind of wished were being recorded for later, but I dutifully wrote everything down to check into later.

The service she used was FreeConference.com.

It’s one of those cool freemium services that you can use the basic level for no cost or pay a fee to get some extra bells and whistles. But even the basic (free) level will give you the opportunity to do what we did: to get a central number to call to and the tools to record that call.

Better believe I signed up that day.

Here’s the finished podcast* so you can see what it sounds like.

*In case you’re wondering, the transcription is not part of this service.



One thought on “49 of 366 Geeky Things: FreeConference.com

  1. If you happen to have an iPhone or iPad, the free app Callvine will give you recordings made with HD audio. Like freeconference.com, Callvine gives you a conference dial-in number, but for anyone joining the call from the Callvine app, they can choose to join over WiFi using HD Voice and the sound quality is far superior. Recordings are delivered in MP3.

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