48 of 366 Geeky Things: Google Docs

I woke up early, heard that wretched throbbing from my head echoing in my pillow.

It was dark outside because it was 3:30 AM-early.

One more of those days.

So, after much internal-debate, I took a sick day.

Oh, my fellow teachers can confirm that this not a decision we take lightly. We don’t want to have the day’s instruction missed. We have meetings and people to talk to and calls to return and emails to send and grades to enter and…if we miss, we have to write plans for someone else to do it for us.

Some days it’s just easier to drag yourself in.

I instead opted to leave lessons for all of my classes – and for one class (my senior honors students) to meet with me in a Google Doc I invited them all into.

I inserted the picture above into the document in case there were a few who did not know about the chat function yet and then I waited a few minutes until the bell rang at school to signal the start of class and for them to log in.

Most checked in and confirmed what they had chosen as a topic and went to work. A few explained why they changed their topics, but mostly I was able to chat in real time with the students who didn’t know what to do yet.

When the bell rang again for them to leave, I copied and pasted the transcript of the chat into the document so we could refer to it later.


I know that Google Docs isn’t new or fantastically geeky. It’s not like I haven’t been using it for a couple of years (although this is the first year I have been using it with my students). It’s not even like I did anything outstanding with it, but it was just the tool I needed to do what I had to do today.




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