26 of 366 Geeky Things: Soft Kitty

(Yep. I know. What happened to 11 thru 25? Uhhhh…notes in a drawer. They’ll probably get posted all at once. But rather than doing the catch up as 11-26, I’m posting tonight. Besides. This is too good.)

A.J Hartley is partly to blame for this.

Not totally.

It’s not his fault that he got sick.

Or that he thinks that Big Bang Theory is a hilarious show.

But it is his fault that he posted a reference to the song “Soft Kitty” from the show today on Facebook.

(So if you do not think that the show is funny or if you have never heard of it before, skip the rest of this post. You clearly will have no appreciation for it.)

His post led to other comments, but the find of the day was a link to this:

*cue angelic choirs singing*

A Soft Kitty Singing Plush.

Yes. You can get something soft and cuddly that will not judge you for how you look in your sickness or nag you about throwing your tissues on the floor AND it will sing “Soft Kitty” to you over and over without complaint.

It will not put Vicks Vaporub on your chest for you thhi’re on your own there.


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