10 of 366 Geeky Things: thecapitol.pn

Okay. I admit it. I did not get so geeked out about the Harry Potter films until the end. That last one, where I was sitting at the midnight show with my husband and father, clutching my wand and my owl, only slightly concerned that I was sitting next to a rather convincing-looking Bellatrix, was intense. Being surrounded by people who so obviously loved the book, the characters, and the magic of being with other fans made me wish I was more of a devoted fan than I am.

I mean, I didn’t dress up or anything.

Well, I’m not sure how I would dress up for going to see The Hunger Games. I might be able to pull off a sad Effie Trinket costume, but I wonder if people will even consider going that route.

I think it will be enough to be there watching on the edge of my seat.

At midnight.

Because I don’t know if I could wait until a reasonable hour the next day.

Good thing that I have something to occupy the 73 days I have left until the film opens.

That something is thecapitol.pn.

I will warn you: this site will likely make you jump as you wait for it to open. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

You can check out the giant infographic about Panem and its districts, get/update your Digital Identification Pass, and allow you to see streaming updates from The Capitol regarding the 74th Hunger Games.

All of this registering will also connect you to communities online – like the Facebook District pages where they post updates about the selection of the tributes and mayoral races, in addition to fan banter.

It’s absolutely worth the time to check it out.

And we have plenty of that until the film opens on March 23.


One thought on “10 of 366 Geeky Things: thecapitol.pn

  1. So I’ve found another Hunger Games fan!! I wore my t-shirt to school on Monday, read 1st 2 pages to my 6th graders, showed them the book trailer and movie trailer today (twice), and raffled off 2 copies of the book. WOW! It was very exciting. For them, too. LOL! I get chills watching the movie trailer-I feel like I KNOW the characters. :)

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