8 of 366 Geeky Things: Astrid

So…it’s still early in 2012. You might want to get yourself organized. You might have a handy-dandy smart-phone or iPod Touch or iPad that you would want to use to help you get organized, but you don’t know what app would be good.

Look no further than Astrid.

This app is the most pumped up to-do list I have ever seen.

You can schedule recurring tasks, assign them to others, set reminders, write notes, mark due dates and rate the importance of what you need to do. You can also organize tasks into lists, set timers for your tasks, and share what you need to do with friends.

You can also customize how you want to be reminded.


And since that device probably never leaves your side, you have an infinitely more powerful tool available to you.

But those of you confined to the world of phones and devices that cannot do those app thingies we’re always talking about, do not be sad. There is a web version of Astrid for you as well! While you cannot carry it with you, you can find it a useful tool to plan out what needs to be done and access it from any computer/device that has internet access.


And with that, I can hear my phone buzzing. I think it’s trying to tell me I have something to do.

For more information, go to astrid.com.


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