4 of 366 Geeky Things: Fitbit

Before I explain what in the world a Fitbit is, I need to tell you where this all started.

My friend Franki Sibberson posted on the Nerdy Book Blog about being a well-read expert on running but not really being runner. I laughed – and was amazed that to learn I wasn’t alone in my reading about running if not actually doing much running…

This led, naturally, to some Twitter conversation…which led to a Meredith Stewart to recommend that Franki and I look into getting the Fitbit. When Meredith makes a recommendation, I pay attention. She’s never steered me wrong before. But when Bud Hunt chimed in about how he loved his…I was sold.

So what is a Fitbit? It’s this handy little (and I mean LITTLE) doodad that will keep track of all of my activity information and wirelessly connect with my computer and upload it to the great interwebs so that I can record and analyze how I’m doing.  It’ll even log my sleep habits.

And all of it can be shared with the great wide world via Facebook, Twitter, or my WordPress blog. (I’m still seriously considering if I want to do this…)

You can check out the video below for more information, but I’m thinking that my friends at school will be getting my Geek of the Week sash ready early when they see this. :)

Fitbit Ultra



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