3 of 366 Geeky Things: Scription Chronodex Planner

I have am intense love for stationary, pens, notebooks, planners, and all other paper. My friend Kim tells me it is the stationary gene that all English teachers have. Perhaps. But even as a kid, I saw that blank paper in any form and pens were the most amazing short if magic – they were promise, possibility, and hope sold to those who had Big Ideas, Big Memories, or Big Imaginations to share.
New beginnings – of calendar years or school years especially – give me extra reasons to shop for these magical vessels, but this January, I’m not buying my planner (and for some things, I do prefer paper…) – I found it online with the most sincere and affordable pricetag I’ve ever seen: a prayer for the designer’s parents.

Thanks to a Lifehacker post I saw on Facebook, I may have found my favorite paper planner yet – certainly the most unconventional. Patrick Ng posted on his site about creating this weekly planner that doesn’t employ the standard calendar grid, but rather open space with a flower-like graphic representation of your waking hours waiting for you to branch off of it for appointments, to-do lists, diary entries, or whatever else may move you. For those of you ultra linear people, this could be a real challenge, but one worth considering because if the flexibility it offers.

And the prayer pricetag? Ng explains in his post that the prayers seem to be bringing some relief to his ailing parents.

Check it out and let me know what you think. But by all means, be sure you pay up.


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