2 of 366 Geeky Things: paper.li

Today’s geeky share isn’t new, but I’m not sure how many people know or use it to its full potential. (I know I am sometimes guilty of this – I’m resetting this as my homepage once again.)

I’ve been sharing for a couple years now with everyone who will listen to tell then how incredible Twitter is as a resource. Most just smile and nod just to be polite. A few tell me it’s not worth their time to know what random people are doing/thinking right now.

So I finally got smart and decided to show people what I mean by showing them my paper.li page. (http://paper.li/CBethM)

Basically what paper.li does is create a web newspaper of all the links the people you follow on Twitter are posting. (You can also make them for hashtag communities like #nerdybookclub, #titletalk, and #engchat.)

So, every 24 hours there is an updated page, with headlines and teaser text for all of the links separated into sections by topic or type (text, video, picture), the links to the original source, and attribution of who shared it.

It is so easy to read that you don’t need to be techie to use it and appreciate the wealth of useful information to be mined from it.

And even better, they keep an archive you can go back and search.

Geekiness for me means a high level of techiness – doing something that involves computers, mobile devices, the web – and, ideally, can be used with all three.

Now that I’ve clarified, this site can be used nicely on either mobile devices or the web on your computer. It’s kind of like bonus points for bring able to be used either place.


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