Slice of Life – December 27, 2011

Not sure why this didn’t post on Tuesday, but no reason not to share it anyway…

I have the delight and honor to hang out with my 6 year old son and 12 year old nephew on this supremely awesomely rainy and dreary day.

To me, this day is full of possibility. Books to read. Recipes to try out. Games to play. Movies to watch. Naps to take…

I know the day will fly by far too far for my liking. The days always do now that I have grown up.

But time must tick so slowly for these two. They already are bored with the new games they have. We’ve read books, they but don’t want to do that anymore (much to my frustration…I only have a few more chapters of Everyone Sees the Ants left…). I suggested ideas for dinner. No response other than the eye rolling you’d expect from older kids. They can’t even decide if there is a movie they want to watch here. They are game for going to see a movie in the theater that’s 35 miles away, but not for anything that’s here.

I know my son can fill hours like no one’s business – he has chapters that need read to him, snacks to make and eat, people to visit, games to beat, toys to play with, and questions to ask (We got the much anticipated, “How do babies get out of their Mommy’s belly?” at dinner the other night.). The only guess is that he is making a stand of solidarity with his cousin.

I could call my mom and see if I laid around and complained that the days were too long and that there was nothing to do at age 12. (I suspect I didn’t because that kind of talk meant you’d be cleaning out the car or cleaning your room before you could whine, “Whyyyyy?”) But I don’t really need to. I suspect it’s less of an issue of Youth Today than of Youth. At twelve, Time seems to stretch out into Infinity still. There’s no fear of wasting Time because there is simply so much of it. There’s always Tomorrow. Once you’ve hit your mid-thirties and know how fragile life can be – how at any point life can throw you or your loved ones a curve ball that could shorten Infinity down to Mere Minutes – Time is easy to fill but more challenging to balance Stuff with What’s Important in the proper amounts.

And today, it’s Important to spend Time with these guys…even if they have a completely different view of it than I do.


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