@jenglishtchr sent out a tweet yesterday asking if any of the rest of us use breaks to get caught up on grading.
I admitted that I did but also thought about the study full of stuff from school that I brought home.
The stacks of books – professional development, grade, plan, journals, yearbook look books, and a whole host of other project and professional things I dream I’ll get done in the days of holiday break.
The same stuff I’ll likely drag back without ever having drug out more than my gradebook and plan book before returning on Tuesday.
I’m surely not the only one who does this.
I get excited by the promise of time off, the opportunity of “extra time” even if I’m only off a day. I make all sorts out plans to make life easier when I go back to school, but I also want to enjoy myself. I packed a stack of books to take home and read. I grabbed a stack at the library. I added more trip my to-do-list: I want to read volumes to my son, make menus for the next month, do some organizing in my home that is overdue, catch up on the Glee episodes on my DVR, paint my nails…
I’m not delusional.
I know my Time Turner doesn’t really work.
But I want to make the most of this time, so I never want to be without what I need for when the urge strikes.
So what I’ve really done so far?
I read two YA books plus a nice pile were checked out for my son, sent a few emails, responded to some texts, gone to the movies twice (once with my guys, once with my mom), cleaned the house (by necessity – Thanksgiving dinner was here due to the sorry state if my parents’ driveway), get in a couple of walks before it gets too cold, backed over a fallen tree in the dark (thanks to sorry state of my parents’ driveway), tweeted, sold a few ereaders while I happened to be at a store, beat a challenge from a former student on Hanging with Friends, napped, slept in, worked on yearbook stuff, graded some papers, and tried to figure out how to create world peace.
That list doesn’t look anything like the plan.
Good thing I have two more days left to tackle what’s left on my list…


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