I’m riding home with my husband and son after a tearful reunion that was far more emotional than I had expected.
(I cry at commercials so I’m not sure I should’ve been surprised.)
I mean, I haven’t seen these friends in ages and I had almost forgotten how funny and witty and charming and talented they are. And how much nicer it is to see them somewhere other than YouTube.
Plus it was really the first time my soon got to meet them. He laughed and smiled and clearly adores them as much as I do.
All that frustrates me is that I forgot to wear my Kermit ears for Disney World to the movie.
Yes, I know you’re thinking I’ve lost my mind, but I got so attached to these characters as a child and even more attached when I got to college and found other Muppet fans. Then videos of their antics started to crop up on the Internet (and not THAT one, Marc…that was just WRONG) and I could relive the shows and skits all over again.
There was a low point where I thought they were gone forever. I was in Mrs. Hensel’s 8th grade English class when I heard that Jim Henson passed away. Even though The Muppet Show had been off the air for years as they had been busy with other pursuits, my heart hurt. Would they ever come back? Could they without Henson? My eyes welled with tears, not even caring what my classmates or scary teacher thought of me for doing so.
But the Muppets have made more than one comeback.
And every time I have rejoiced.
With tears.
(Imagine me, several years married wiping my eyes in front of my husband watching the Muppet 3D show at WDW.)
But this movie most closely captures what I loved about the show: a backstory for each episode, an underdog moment, humor on many levels designed to be as funny for adults as for kids.
I’m hoping this leads to a relaunch of the show, an opportunity for a TV show to watch with the whole family – without hiding behind a book because I don’t want to admit I’m totally lost on the appeal of the new Scooby Doo episodes or Pokemon.


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